Motorola certainly pulled themselves back from the brink of disaster with the Motorola Droid, which I must say, proved to be quite the impressive smartphone when it was first released. Again, Motorola proved that they had the fight in them by rolling out an Android-powered device known as the Atrix which could transform into what resembles a laptop with the right accessories, although that idea never really caught on in the long run. Well, the pricing structure probably had a lot to do with it, but here we are with the Webtop 3.0 Beta software being released that certainly makes it worthy of being classified as a true upgrade. Those who have given it a spin would say that the whole Webtop experience is far less customized, which is most likely due to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’s presence. Bear in mind that this is still in the beta stage, so there is no confirmation as to how the final polished product is going to resemble what you see right after the jump in a video.

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