As we near E3, Wii U-related rumors will definitely be on the increase. We have another one for you here. The parts on the upcoming Wii U by Nintendo will cost about $180 with about $50 of it going to the controller with a touchscreen. According to reports, after adding in the cost of labor, marketing and other costs, we can expect to see a machine costing no less than $300 at retail price.

Allegedly, Nintendo is said to be very concerned with “cutting production costs to maximize profits,” according to one unnamed source. The source continues to say that the company wants investors to view the upcoming console as a less risky proposition which is how it should be now after the poor launch numbers that the 3DS received.

As for the price tag of nothing less than $300, it seems to be a bit of wishful thinking given that Nintendo would also have to look into costs for shipping, software, packaging among others. Our friends over at Kotaku tried to reach out to Nintendo for a comment on this rumor but were given an answer that stated, “The Company does not comment on rumors and speculation.” What do you think about the allegedly upcoming Wii U and its price point?

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