If you are guys are looking forward to Nintendo’s Wii U, according to website Wii U Daily, the site has reportedly claimed to have received an email from a Japanese retailer outing the release date of the upcoming Wii U console by Nintendo. The email alleges that the Wii U will be seeing a launch on the 18th of November with its Japanese launch expected to follow a week later.

Naturally Nintendo declined to comment on these rumors, but based on Nintendo’s release patterns, it would appear that the company favors November releases. This is evidenced by the Nintendo GameCube that launched in November of 2001, and the Nintendo Wii that saw its release also in November back in 2006. By that logic, could we really be expecting to see the Wii U release in November of 2012? While that would certainly capitalize on the holiday shopping season, until an official announcement has been made, we will be taking this with a grain of salt for now and suggest that you do the same!

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