Activision announces The Amazing Spider Man pre order bonusesThe new Spider-Man movie will be arriving on the big screen soon and if you’re looking forward to playing the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man video game as well to complement your movie, Activision and Marvel have revealed several pre-order bonuses depending on which retailer you pre-order the game from. Now for those unfamiliar, a while back Stan Lee himself revealed that he would be a playable character in the upcoming game, and true to his word, if you were to place a pre-order for The Amazing Spider-Man from Amazon, gamers would be able to play as Stan Lee and play out a specially created mission.

However if GameStop is your preferred retailer of choice, you will be getting a different pre-order bonus in the form of The Rhino Challenge. Players will be able to play as the Rhino character and participate in a timed event where they will have to go about causing as much damage and destruction as possible. Sounds pretty fun, no? The game is expected to launch on the 26th of June, so which retailer will you be pre-ordering from? [Press release]

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