Today, technology giants Samsung and Qualcomm have joined forces with other technology leaders to form the Alliance for Wireless Power or A4WP. Joining them are Ever Win Industries, Gill Industries, Peiker Acustic, Powermat Technologies, and SK Telecom.

A4WP, an independently operated organization, will focus on a new wireless power transfer technology that provides spatial freedom for charging of electrical devices in cars, on tabletops and for multiple devices simultaneously. The said benefit of this wireless power approach include a transmitter and receiver antenna design that is easily implemented, a simple wireless power control system, and the ability to transfer power through non-metallic surfaces.

The A4WP expects to achieve this capability without the need for costly multi-coil repeaters, which are required for other systems. A single specification is envisioned that will address simultaneous charging of multiple devices ranging from very low power products, such as Bluetooth headsets to today’s most sophisticated tablets.

“We believe wireless charging technology will be the most common way to power mobile devices in the near future. SK Telecom is constantly investigating new and innovative technologies to enhance mobile life and believes the A4WP specification, with its clear path towards implementation, is the way forward,” SK Telecom senior vice president of Network Technology Jong Ryeol Kang said.

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