Advertising is where the money is, although whenever there is an economic downturn, the first budget cuts to be introduced would be in the world of advertising. Still, advertisers do look out for different ways and methods to pick up the slack, finding avenues to carefully position ads in the most creative manner possible. Word has it that Amazon has plans to create a mobile ad network of their own, and instead of starting from scratch, why not use their cash reserves and pick up a company that is already knee deep in it? This is where the rumor mill churns, that Amazon might just purchase Jumptap, in addition to looking out for other firms in the similar type of business. Not only that, Amazon picked up Jamie Wells as part of their staff, hiring him from Microsoft where he was in charge of global product marketing for mobile display and apps. It would be interesting to see how Amazon leverages the data they have in order to churn out a powerful targeting technique that works online, as well as on the mobile platforms.

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