It is only fitting for the game Angry Birds, hailing from Rovio of Finland, to establish its first Angry Birds Land in where else but Finland. After all, this is something inevitable, with Angry Birds recently being deemed as the fastest growing mobile game to date. This pop culture phenomenon has made it big worldwide, appearing across a range of bootleg merchandise as well. For fans of the Angry Birds franchise, I suppose the Angry Birds Land would be a mecca of sorts, where you make that pilgrimage to a place where everyone loves both the upset avian friends as well as the pop sensitive green colored pigs.

Angry Birds Land is now open at Finland’s Särkänniemi Adventure Park, where it was obviously designed with the inner assistance from the Rovio team. Just what will this park feature? Apart from revenue increasing channels such as merchandise and food & beverage on sale, the Angry Birds Land will also come with themed food outlets and a dozen rides. Stations will also be available for you to upgrade your mobile game version, so make sure your mobile device is full of juice before you head out there!

I wonder just how much staying power does Angry Birds have, and once the craze dies down (eventually, leaving only a few ‘cultists’, or should I say, die-hard fans left), will Angry Birds Land be turned into a museum instead?

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