Apple expected to debut new MacBooks at WWDC

macbook proWith all the rumors and upgraded features and specs that the upcoming MacBooks will be getting, we’re sure that many of you guys are looking forward to finally being able to get your hands on them. The big question we’re sure many are asking is when will we see them launch? It’s about that time of the year when Apple is scheduled to make some updates to their MacBook line so we guess “soon” would be a good answer, but according to the folks at Bloomberg, it seems that Apple will be making good use of this year’s WWDC to launch their new line of MacBook computers. Assuming Apple’s plans at this year’s WWDC will be keeping to tradition, we can expect to see OS X Mountain Lion detailed further along with a possible announcement of iOS 6. However until we actually hear and see the announcements for ourselves, we suggest taking this with a grain of salt for now and be sure to check back with us then for all the details!

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