Nowadays with patents used more as weaponry rather than a shield, we guess we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that Apple is the target of yet another patent lawsuit by a company called STEC IP (not to be confused with SSD manufacturer, STEC). Described more as a patent troll rather than a company with legitimate claims, it seems that STEC IP is currently suing Apple for allegedly infringing upon some of its patents that pertains to synchronizing data, remotely accessing that data and more. Some of Apple’s products and services such as iTunes, the App Store and iCloud have been named in the lawsuit as having infringed upon those patents. It seems that the company is not just targeting Apple and has also filed lawsuits against companies such as Google, Oracle and Amazon although with different patents. No word on how these companies will respond, but hopefully we will not be seeing a long and drawn-out legal battle in the courts.

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