Apple offers to settle with Proview over iPad trademark disputeIt certainly looks like the legal battles Apple is currently embroiled in is starting to wind down. According to reports, Apple has offered Proview a settlement regarding the trademark dispute over the iPad name. While the amount of money offered to Proview was not disclosed, Roger Xie, a lawyer for Proview, revealed that there was still a “big gap” between the amount that Apple is offering and the amount of money that Proview is asking for. Will they eventually settle on a number that both sides will agree to? That remains to be seen but for now it looks like steps are taken to end this legal dispute once and for all.

Just in case you might have missed out on all the legal drama, it was a few months ago when Chinese company Proview sued Apple claiming that they infringed upon the iPad trademark which they own. Apple naturally disputed this, claiming that they bought the rights to the trademark from a Proview subsidiary. Both sides refused to give in which lead to a drawn-out courtroom battle, but now it looks like things are starting to wind down as both companies have agreed to settlement talks.

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