Samsung VS AppleSamsung and Apple are currently embroiled in a legal battle, one that they’re hoping to come to terms with and settle on the 21-22 of May. However until then, the battle rages on and in the latest development, it seems that Samsung has been dealt quite a blow with the judge ultimately ruling in Apple’s favor and is now prohibiting Samsung from submitting documents that allegedly proves that the Korean manufacturer made an effort to “design around” three patents that Apple claims they violated. This came about when Samsung failed to submit certain documents to the court after they were asked to turn over their source code to Apple.

For those unfamiliar, Samsung and Apple are currently at war with each other, with the Cupertino company accusing Samsung of designing products that clearly resemble some of Apple’s products. With Samsung now not being allowed to submit evidence that shows their efforts that design around some of Apple’s patents, it looks like proving that just got a little harder. In any case hopefully the settlement talks between Apple and Samsung will yield something positive for both parties.

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