I am quite sure that many of you who have watched science fiction movies would definitely realize that modern doors in the far future might be an energy curtain of sorts, but for the most part, we are talking about doors that slide open with a slight hiss, looking (and sounding) all too cool. Don’t you wish you had doors like that in your home instead of having to go to the mall to check out a glass equivalent? Well, Yuki Corp. of Japan has what they call the “Auto Door Zero”, a door which is capable of opening and closing by itself automatically without the need for any electric power – pretty handy if you happen to live in an area where natural disasters are never too far off.

Just how does this door work? Well, it is powered by your body weight – where stepping on a plate in front of the door will activate the door to open, but you might just notice that your feet sunk for approximately 2cm before the door actually opened. Not only that, Yuki Corp. has also teamed up with Brother Enterprise to include an automated voice that shouts, “Irasshaimase!!” whenever you step through it for a more authentic Japanese experience. This is made possible thanks to the approximately 0.3 watts of electricity that you generated earlier when you stepped on the door’s plate.

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