Cyclists are probably aware of the fact that when cycling at night, bike lights are one safety feature that they probably will not want to skimp out on. However considering that some bike lights aren’t as securely fastened onto the bike compared to others, this can lead to theft which can get pretty expensive and very annoying. This is where the Blink/Steady bike light comes in and features a small and unobtrusive design, while being secure enough that the effort it would take to remove it and steal it could prove to be more trouble than its worth to the thief.


Made out of aluminum, the Blink/Steady has no buttons and has a built-in accelerometer that responds to 1.5G of acceleration. Basically this means that it should keep itself awake while cycling or even while waiting at the traffic light. When you’re done for the night, the lights will remain on for a maximum of 30 seconds before shutting off. It also features a photosensor that will be able to tell when it is day or night and has reportedly been tuned in such a way that headlights won’t be able to “trick” it into think it is day.

Thanks to the fact that the bike’s seat post passes through the Blink/Steady, you can imagine how much of a hassle this could be for a thief if they were to remove it. In any case the Blink/Steady is a Kickstarter project that has managed to exceed its goal, so for more information or to pre-order one for yourself, head on down to its Kickstarter page or its official website for the details.

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