BMC UC01 City Bike works like a fart

All right, you might wonder how come the title for this story has been worded so? I decided to take a little bit of creative liberty by shifting around some words. We all know that there are loud farts, and also farts which are silent as well as deadly – which is why the BMC UC01 City Bike has one of the two qualities. It is not deadly as you are not going to run down any roadkill with a bicycle, but it is sure as heck silent. The type of silence that we are talking about here is one which makes librarians proud, where the carbon belt drive will replace the chain, which means it will whizz around town without making a sound (unless you affix one of those irritating bicycle bells and ring it incessantly, of course).

Even more interesting (and important) is the fact that this carbon belt drive requires approximately no maintenance as compared to the traditional chain system. This belt was specially developed in order to work well in industrial situations, being full well capable of repelling water, dirt and mud while having a lifespan which is double that of a metal bike chain’s. You also need not get all messy as no oil is required at all for its maintenance. The asking price is approximately $2,000 a pop, but think of the time and money you save in the long run.

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