We’ve all seen test videos where some reviewers put their gadgets through the ringer by seeing how durable they are. It’s fascinating to watch but it can prove to be incredibly cringeworthy, after all couldn’t the money they spent buying those gadgets be put to better use, or at least give them to someone who might not be able to afford them? Either way we’re sure that there are plenty of you guys out there who enjoy such stress test videos and if you’re looking to see how much abuse the Canon 7D DLSR can withstand, you might want to check out the video above.

Put together by Kai of DigitalRev TV, the tests he put the Canon 7D through includes being hit by a truck, pushed down the stairs and he even attempted to take photos with the camera after it had been frozen! Surprisingly the camera managed to withstand a fair amount of abuse so if you’re in the market for a sturdy DSLR camera, the Canon 7D could be one worth considering. As stated in the disclaimer in the video above, we at Ubergizmo would also like to strongly advise that you not repeat the tests in the video yourselves!

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