Are you looking forward to playing Capcom’s Resident Evil 6? If you are, Capcom has recently released a new poster for the upcoming game, revealing six of the game’s heroes in the process. For those unaware, Resident Evil 6 is expected to feature three different campaigns, with each campaign getting a pair of heroes of their own. For starters Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper will be journeying through Tall Oaks and will feature a traditional survival horror gaming experience.

However if survival horror is not for you and you prefer the more action-packed experience of Resident Evil 5, Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans will be paired up and will battle through the streets of China. Last but not least, players will be introduced to Jake Muller and a grown-up Sherry Birkin, both of whom will be part of a campaign with the emphasis being placed on melee combat which should prove to be rather interesting. Granted on paper all three campaigns sound pretty fun, but will they live up to all the hype and the trailers that have since been released? We guess we will have to wait until the 2nd of October to find out.

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