Cars are getting smarter and smarter with the kind of technology crammed into them, where the driver has a vehicle which actively reacts to situations in order to increase the chances of survival in the event that something goes awry, so it is no surprise to hear of intelligent monitoring and warning systems being introduced to the masses via the Aisin Group. For instance, a camera in this system will know where your face is, the direction in which you are facing, and whether you have taken your eyes off the road to take a look at that killer body, or having a mini-shuteye, it will deliver the right warning such as “Wake up,” “Look where you’re going,” or “That’s dangerous”, although the missus might just give you a mouthful when she realizes that that system caught you looking at a young hottie walking along the road.

There is also a rear monitor, which while it is not new at all, it will still get the job done to avoid unwanted incidents, thanks to a compact stereo camera that is capable of helping you identify potential obstacles in previously traditional blind spots. This particular advanced stereo matching technology is specially restricted to IMRA Europe, where it can partly detect cars, people, children and bicycles to boot.

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