Android tablet users, if you haven’t already flashed a custom ROM onto your devices, we have to wonder if the Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich interface is getting a little boring for you. Well if you do think that the interface could use some spicing up, and if you have $5 to spare you might be interested in helping this particular Kickstarter project reach its goal! Dubbed Chameleon, this is a Kickstarter that aims to replace the home screen and app launcher on Android tablets. No word on which tablets the tweak will be available for, but based on the screenshots so far, it does look pretty good!

While there are plenty of home screen replacements and launcher replacements available in the Google Play store and third party sources, one of the unique features of Chameleon is that it will switch your home screen depending on your location, WiFi networks and even the time! So for example if it’s in the morning, your home screen could load widgets that display the stock market, the news, the traffic situation, etc, while at night it could list restaurant reviews and suggestions for you to decide where to have your dinner tonight. The possibilities are endless! So if this sounds like a home screen you wouldn’t mind make its way onto your Android tablet, head on over to Kickstarter for the details or to pledge your donation.

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