China, the once sleeping dragon of the East that has already aroused from its slumber, is now a mighty economic superpower that many figure out will be at the top of the food chain in just a matter of years. Having said that, this does not mean the robotics industry in that part of the world is as advanced as the rest of the developed nations – but that does not mean no progress is made so far. In fact, the country’s first self-balancing unicycle robot has been introduced sometime last year, although it is not the first of its kind in the world, at least it is the first for China. Capable of balancing at a fixed point, it is capable of moving forwards as well as backwards, where it compensates for external disturbances as well. According to the developers, this unique robot is good enough to navigate a balance beam, although it was not demonstrated as part of its public demonstration. Right now, there is far more novelty to this robot than practicality, but perhaps someone can harness it to function as a guide, to transport goods as well as perform security patrols.

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