Comcast recently announced that they will no longer cap the amount of monthly data for residential Internet customers at 250GB, but rather, in a stroke of good fortune, will raise the ante to offer at least 300GB of data each month. The next few months will be pivotal – Comcast will be making attempts in a couple of approaches in different markets, where a 300GB monthly cap is targeted for basic service, while those who need something more will be able to choose from a higher cap. Apart from that, all it costs for an additional 50GB would be just a fee of $10. Comcast has yet to determine the data limits as at press time for the higher tiers with the first option, but hopefully they will be able to settle for something concrete soon.

According to Cathy Avgiris, executive vice president and general manager for Communications and Data Services at Comcast, “In both approaches, we’ll be inreasing the initial data usage threshold for our customers from today’s 250 GB per month to at least 300 GB per month.” For markets where Comcast is not putting these options to the test, they will continue to maintain the 250GB data cap.

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