Could Rovios next game be a Caseys Contraptions remake?Congratulations to Rovio on reaching a full one billion Angry Birds downloads, but apart from Angry Birds, what else does the Finnish company have up their sleeves? It has been reported that Rovio is looking to expand beyond its famed Angry Birds franchise, but what exactly are we looking at here? Now if you’ve seen the thank you/teaser video that Rovio released in conjunction with its one billion Angry Birds downloads, you might have noticed at the end there is a cartoon drawing of a blonde kid. This led to many speculating that the kid could be a hint to Rovio’s next game.

The folks at 148apps have done some digging and as it turns out, the kid from the Rovio video is none other than Casey from Casey’s Contraptions, albeit drawn in a slightly different styling. They reached out to its developer, Noel Llopis, who tweeted,  “Before rumors start flying, Rovio is a perfect gentleman. Not a Zynga at all. Don’t worry, all is well.” Could this be what Rovio was referring to when they said they were making a non-Angry Birds title? Or could this just be another developer that Rovio acquired? We guess we will have to wait and see! Until then, who’s excited about a possible Rovio remake of Casey’s Contraptions?

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