There are moments when the world stops and view a particular event, such as the recent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the late Princess Diana’s funeral (and her fairytale wedding as well to Prince Charles), the World Cup and Euros, as well as last Sunday’s English Premier League action that saw Manchester City nick away the Premiership trophy from Manchester United in the dying minutes of the match. Well, I am quite sure that when the geeks of the world unite to indulge in some dungeon slashing known as Diablo 3, the world will more or less stop, too. You can tell who are the gamers at the office when they turn up for work with dark circles under their eyes, chatting with one another on which quest they’re on, as well as the kind of equipment they’re carrying. The Diablo 3 live stream is about to launch in under 20 minutes as at press time, so you can always check out the live stream over here. Are you stoked yet, and have you made the necessary preparations to go all out with Diablo 3?

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