Diablo 3 opens door for scammers to exploit It is not rocket science that Diablo 3 has burned up the news wires today ever since the game kicked off at midnight, and Korean players have allegedly completed the game already. Well, opportunity knocks on the door of scammers who want to ride on the Diablo 3 fever at this moment, where this nefarious group have launched their fair share of scams that include bogus cracks as well as key generator sites for the desperate to grasp at straws as gamers look to overcome the technical glitches occurring on Diablo 3 servers. After all, the fake sites do have their allure as gamers struggle to get obtain legitimate content via regular channels without any success. Some scame sites will end up installing suspicious software on your computer, while other links end up in you viewing unrelated Flash-based games, spam link dumps as well as a “donation experiment”. Just be more careful with all things Diablo 3 that you come across the Internet now and you should be all right.

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