The latest Battlefield 3 patch was released a few weeks back and it was apparently one that many gamers were on tenterhooks for. The update apparently fixed a lot of issues and balanced out many things in the game. Despite that, there are many different opinions about the patch from many different people all of which have something else to say with regards to it.

Some of the comments that were received by DICE about the patch were absolutely at extreme ends of the spectrum such as, “some of the weapons have been nerfed too much.” While others say,”some of the weapons have been buffed too much.” Now however, DICE which has come under fire for the update has responded to the criticism. Patrick Bach, from the company said,

“The biggest challenge when you release a big patch like this is to wait. Because we know that if you have a favorite gun that we have balanced down or you score in a certain way by doing certain things and then we nerfed that down then you will get upset, period.”

After that he allegedly said that DICE doesn’t listen to individual complaints with regards to the game and the patch but to the community as a whole to ensure proper tweaking to Battlefield 3 gameplay.

“People do not care and they do not know about the big picture, but we do. Because we don’t care about single individuals, we care about everyone. We try to make sure that everyone has a great time and that the balance is overarching. So we have a lot of statistics, we look at the data and we try to listen to people and ask, ‘is this really an issue?’And in most cases it is not an issue.”

While that response to the criticism is rational and might put the fans of the game at ease at least for a short while, several reports online still want the developer to fix a glitch with regards to the M26 weapon and as one reporter said, “Oh, and consider making the tanks not made out of cardboard.”

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