draw-something-iphone-appIt wasn’t too long ago when OMGPOP got bought over by Zynga, and now that Zynga pretty much owns the Draw Something game, how exactly are they planning on monetizing the otherwise free game (unless you bought the paid version of course)? Selling more colors? Hardly. It seems that Zynga is now offering companies a chance for their products to be placed in the game as words that gamers will have to draw out while the other player will have to guess what it is. In an example given, the NHL bought certain keywords like puck, Zamboni and hat trick in an effort to promote the Stanley cup.

According to former OMGPOP’s CEO (via Ad Age), Dan Porter, it seems that this move was met with positive results when they tried it out using keywords like Nike, KFC and Doritos and was quoted as saying, “People loved to draw the Colonel and bags of Doritos.” While this is without doubt a pretty interesting move by Zynga to monetize the game, we have to wonder if it will help with the game’s popularity considering that it had been reported that Draw Something had lost 5 million active players in the past month.

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