Forget about the little black number of a dress that you think you ought to wear to a formal event the next time around – you might want to consider getting more high tech with this particular number from Emily Steel, who is currently a student over at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Design in New Zealand. Yes, tucked away at the corner of the world, that does not mean one cannot get inspired – after all, New Zealand has plenty of natural wonders to look at and be awe inspired. This unique dress, however, will feature embedded LED backlights that complement the old film slides used to make it, hence showing off hundreds of tiny snapshots for you to admire.

This is part of Emily Steel’s Wearable Technology project, and apart from old film slides and LEDs, an Arduino Lilypad is also part of the equation. The lights will be controlled by a light sensor that is hooked up to the Lilypad, and this sensor will detect the light level, informing the LEDs to slowly backlight the film frames the moment it detects that ambient light starts to dim. In fact, the lights are programmable, you can have them pulse or highlight certain images at a time. It is, of course, not for sale just in case you were wondering.

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