If you prize audio clarity for your home audio or theater system, then I am quite sure you have quite the set up in your living room, don’t you? Of course, apart from all of the top notch components, you might want to think about dropping another $17,800 odd notes for the Esoteric Audio Master Clock Generator. Wait a minute, all that money for a simple clock to tell the time? Not really, as the Esoteric Audio Master Clock Generator has nothing to do with timekeeping, but rather it is a device that is meant to maintain stability and preserve sonic integrity. Just what does this do? Well, it is said to feature a built-in GPS chipset so that you can be synchronized perfectly to the G01 atomic rubidium internal clock for your audio system to sound so perfect, you would think that angels are willing to come down from heaven and sit in your home just to enjoy such lovely voices coming out from your high end audio player that is connected to the Esoteric Audio Master Clock Generator.

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