Evernote has announced that it would be debuting a standalone version of its services in China dubbed Yinxiang Biji, or when translated to English basically means “Memory Notes” or “Impression Notes”. This will essentially be Evernote’s version of their services except that it is aimed at the Chinese market specifically. Given the various restrictions that the Chinese government imposes onto various foreign corporations trying to enter the Chinese market (i.e. Google), we guess it’s not surprising to see companies cave in and start creating apps and services designed for the Chinese market in mind. According to Evernote’s CEO, Phil Libin:

“Our user base in China is growing quickly; with over a million users, it’s already our third largest country and at the current rate it’ll soon top Japan to move into second place. We’re really pleased with this, but, frankly, using Evernote in China hasn’t been a great experience.

The most common request we get from our Chinese users is to make Evernote faster, more reliable and better integrated with the rest of the Chinese Internet. Due to poor network connectivity between the US and China, there’s only one way to definitively fix the problem: have a separate service in China.”

It appears that the service will remain pretty much the same as its US and international counterpart, with the main difference being that it will tie in with local Chinese partners and payment services and will be optimized for China’s internet. If you’d like to learn more about Evernote’s efforts in China, head on over to its blog for the details.

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