We really would not blame you if you got a little emotional while watching this series of videos that are veritable landmarks from Final Fantasy VI. A Minecraft builder called Felix Trapper has painstakingly recreated several scenes from the game and the videos are set to the recognizable music by Nobuo Uematsu.

The first video is Narshe; this frost-filled city is the first thing players will see when the game is started. The second one is Figaro Castle where the lovable brothers Edgar and Sabin were brought into the world and raised not to mention the fact that it can turn into an underground sand ship which is just cool. The third video is Fanatic’s Tower which many players will remember as the ‘annoying dungeons’.

The fourth one is South Figaro which is the idyllic little city where you can steal clothes from other people and put them on to sneak past guards. As for the last video, it is The Opera Scene which in my personal opinion is the best scene in the entire game. So do watch the videos and let us know if they moved you as much as they moved us.


Figaro Castle

Fanatic’s Tower

South Figaro

The Opera Scene

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