In line with Mozilla’s Kilimanjaro’s initiative, Mozilla is waging war against design fragmentation by releasing a few samples of its new design ideas to be used very soon on desktop computers, B2G, Android and Metro. It appears that Mozilla is working to make Firefox look consistent in desktops and mobile devices, judging from its mock-up designs. The end goal of Mozilla is to make Firefox distinct and functional on any platform or device.

Mozilla’s Madhava Enros published the presentation slide deck highlighting the unified Firefox user experience across different form factors. The presentation highlighted the distinctive curved shapes and uniform outline of the browser. The aim will be to create a design that is soft, friendly, “human” and will feel like Firefox in its entirety on all platforms. Mozilla said that the challenge will be to blend the browser’s signature visual style with the conventions of the underlying platforms.

Mozilla is also working on a more functional start page with a cleaner interface for managing downloads. With Windows 8 underway, Mozilla is sweating on a Metro version of the browser for the new Windows OS. One of its features is the tabs reel that will slide down from the top instead on the side, and also the new tab page that has Metro-like blocks.

As for mobile devices, the Firefox user interface is already on its final phase. The mock-ups showed a couple of specialized features including a built-in sharing tool and an article reading mode. Lastly, a new design called Australis will be used to bring an updated look and feel to Firefox. You can check out the presentation here (

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