malwarealertThe folks over at Kaspersky Lab have managed to pick up the rumblings of what they deem as a “new advanced cyber threat” which was specially designed to perform cyber espionage as well as retrieve valuable and important information (read: steal) without you knowing it. This new malware is known as Worm.Win32.Flame, and if you want to play it short, just call it “Flame” and you are good to go. It is capable of exhibiting a complexity and functionality which is touted to surpass those “of all other cyber menaces known to date,” – at least according to Kaspersky.

This malware was recently discovered when a probe was run at the International Telecommunication Union, and it is touted to have been hanging around for a couple of years already, but somehow, it intelligently evaded all security programs due to the nature of its complex programming. In fact, Flame has been compared to be an equal of Stuxnet and Duqu, where the latter two are other cyberweapons which were designed to steal information. Stay safe while you are on the Internet, folks!

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