Flying 3D eye bots could be the futureWhen it comes to ensuring your military campaign is a success, you will need intelligence – and that means having enough eyes and ears in enemy territory as possible. While drones have made life a whole lot easier over the years without risking life and limb, here we are with the flying 3D eye-bots that might just make the art of espionage easier in the future. The flying 3D eye-bots are able to be deployed as additional surveillance resources, be it at major events or to double up as high-resolution 3D street imaging systems, even. I would vouch for military use as well, but then again, I presume certain modifications need to be made to it in order to function perfectly.

Special 3D sensors developed by Fraunhofer researchers will dictate a flawless performance of aerobatics as well as prevent potentially expensive collisions. This particular flock of flying 3D eye-bots will be able to rise into the air, coupled with a loud buzzing noise, which means that stealth is definitely not a strong suit. Numbering around two dozen, they will be able to scour all, and don’t Sauron wish he had this to help him scour Mt. Doom for the two Hobbits who will eventually thwart his nefarious plans to subjugate all of Middle Earth? [Press Release]

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