GameStop Offers and Then Removes AT&T Mobile Data Plan

A posting on GameStop’s website showed that it was planning on offering AT&T mobile data plans under a service that was allegedly called GameStop Mobile. Since it was put up, the folks over at Engadget (via Joystiq) were quick enough to have reported on it but after its brief appearance, the posting was taken down. Although the service was just glimpsed for a short time, nothing official has been announced so until then, we will continue to take this piece of news as a rumor and we will treat is as such.

If it were to come into fruition, GameStop Mobile might include pay-as-you-go five dollar plans and $55 monthly plans which would include unlimited voice and text along with a cap of 500MB of data or 1GB of data for data-only device users. Of course, since we don’t really know anything about the alleged GameStop Mobile, we can only speculate like that for now. In addition to that with GameStop allegedly adding Android devices to its trade-in list recently, the move might make sense so we’ll keep our ears and eyes wide open for a sign of this thing going official. Until then however, please take the information with the usual pinch of salt.

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