The Google Glass has definitely been getting its share of publicity with various tech celebrities like Google CEO Larry Page, spotted wearing it just a few days back. Now apparently, the Mountain View based online giant has posted a brief video on its Google+ profile that it claims was captured with the Google Glass by an employee. The video depicts the employee in question bouncing about on a trampoline while allegedly wearing the glasses.

The video was shot in 720p with comment “This one makes us a little queasy, but our prototype nailed what it’s like to be on a trampoline.” Google has been quite public about testing out its latest eyewear prototype by posting inspirational photos shot with the device but for now, we still haven’t heard any official word as to when the general public will be able to wrap the glasses around their own eyes. On the other hand, several baseless speculations have been made that it might hit markets towards the end of this year but then again, Google apparently admitted that the design for the eye-wear falls short of what it had initially hoped for so it might take even longer than that.

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