Just yesterday, we told you about how the Google Glass was confirmed to be harboring a trackpad. And now, just a day later we have even more details on this front. In the first part of the interview with Fast Company, Product Lead of Google, Steve Lee got a little chatty and divulged some insights about the eyewear. He claims that the project started out as nothing more than a laptop in a backpack. Since then it has apparently morphed in phases through dozens of prototypes and finally into the latest prototype we are seeing now.

One of the features that pique many a person’s interest is the photo-taking and video-capturing capabilities and Lee confirms that this is what he calls a “key aspect” of the project on top of applications such as Google Maps. Besides that, he was also shot questions regarding a rumored release of the glasses before the end of the year and also that it would be priced at something between $250 and $600. To both those alleged rumors, he basically said that both pieces of information was unfounded and without basis. However, while he didn’t say that they ‘might’ not come out this year, he did say, “If it was a five-year endeavor, I wouldn’t be on this project.” To access the full details of the first half of the interview, hit-up the source link below. As for the second half, Fast Company will release it on Friday.

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