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According to some users on the GTA forums, what could be vehicle names for the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V might have been revealed in a file that was found on the Max Payne 3 game disc. The code which revealed the list of vehicles is said to come from a .ide file found within the game’s data and it apparently includes a number of vehicles with model names, vehicle handling values, camera angles along with other statistics. The complete list comprises of 48 cars, 5 bikes, 10 helicopters, 25 boats, 9 trains and 1 plane.

Avid fans of Grand Theft Auto franchise might be able to recognize a few of the models listed below which include Bobcat, Patriot, Cognoscenti and more. The fact that the list of vehicles with all the related data was found, is far from confirmation that it is the final list and we recommend that you treat this information as a rumor since it could just be some names and data that Rockstar Games could be trying out. On the other hand, the list does include a mix of old and new names so we’ll leave that up to you. So we don’t jangle our nerves further while we thirst for information, we should take this as mere speculation.

Cars – apc, bobsleigh, benson, biff, bobcat, boxville, buccaneer, burrito, brzbus, casco, cadge, car_brzhatchplc, car_brzsedanplc, car_brzhatchjnk, car_brzsedanjnk, carga, cavalcade, cognoscenti, cs2000, chavos, dukes, dune, feroci, forklift, futo, furzen, fxt, gant, hauler, minivan, infernus, patriot, phantom, prairie, police, rancher, rhino, schafter, seinove, skimobile, taxi, vanpony, willard, winky, trash, railmu, flatty, snowplough.

Boats – squalo, bassboy, chika, fisher, fishboat_a, fishboat_b, fishboat_c, fishboat_d, marquis, reefer, tropic, gunboat, sabs_boat, small_gb2, dinghy, p_mi_botfsh, whaler, woody, woody2, sporto, tinny, tug, contbo, smug, edsboat.

Helicopters – autogiro, bchopper, annihilator, bentham, maverick, hind, napalm, scamp, heli_vcpf, heli_tfe

Trains – cablecard, chairlift, subway_lo, subway_hi, train_carg, trainf_carg, trainr_carg, train_int, lighty

Bikes – endure, jz125, s75, faggio2, spike

Planes – Cuban 800

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