More and more companies are jumping aboard the QR code bandwagon in terms of their marketing push, and what you see with the beer glass above is truly brilliant – all you need to do is fill up an empty glass with the black stuff known as Guinness, and you will be able to see the QR code in all of its glory. I suppose coffee would also make a good substitute, but anything lighter colored like ale or water is just not going to do the trick. When you use your smartphone with the appropriate QR code reader to read the code, it will “tweet about your pint, update your Facebook status, checks you in via foursquare, download coupons and promotions, invite your friends to join, and even launches exclusive Guinness content.” What do you think about something like this, will other companies also follow suit in the same vein, or will they try a different approach? I suppose that any other dark beer will also work, such as Connors.

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