The HTC One X that has arrived in the US from AT&T is also known as the HTC One XL, where it is known by the model number PJ83100. FCC documentation was spotted for the handset at the beginning of March, where it came alongside support for AT&T’s LTE bands. Well, it seems that FCC paperwork that concerns a different HTC model has been spotted, at this might very well be a regional variant of the similar smartphone. After all, there is but one minor change in the model number – known as the PJ83110, so we would not be too far off the mark to speculate that this might be a different variant of the HTC One XL. It offers 3G on 1900MHz but not 850MHz, and when one looks at HTC’s site, it points towards two One XL models – the one that is already on AT&T, while the other is meant for Asia and Australia.

When one sits down and ponder over things, it makes sense that the FCC test operation on LTE bands which will not see action in the US need not be tested, but to know that there is another possible One XL model in existence that supports 3G on 850MHz is also interesting. Have you seen the model number PJ83110 appear anywhere else? If you answered in the affirmative, then you might want to leave a comment and a link below.

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