iHelicopters has released several remote-controlled toys in the past and it looks like they’re back, this time with more remote-controlled goodies in the form of BMW and Audi toy cars. This toy car lineup will include the BMW 5 F10, the BMW X6, the Audi Q7 and the Audi R8, each costing would-be customers $59.95, which we have to admit is considerably less than their full-sized counterparts. Just like some of iHelicopters’ other products, these toy cars can be controlled via an app on the iPhone, which should take remote controlled racing to a whole new level.

They are powered by 1.5V AA batteries (number of batteries depends on which model you go for) and will feature a charge time of 60 minutes, which coincidentally is about how long you will get to enjoy racing the car around for. Either way iHelicopters has released a video demonstrating the cars in action (which we have to admit looks pretty fun), so check it out in the video above!

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