Improved Google+ notification in emailWhen it comes to keeping up to speed with what is happening on your dynamic Google+ stream (or any other social network for that matter), one of the better ways to remain on top of things would be via notification emails. It does not matter whether someone tagged you in a picture, comments on your photos or post, or share a link with you – those notifications emails sure do a great job in distracting us from what we are currently doing and lure us into checking out the latest updates. Well, Google has improved the Google+ notification experience in email, allowing you to actually reply to Google+ notifications from Gmail itself.

Basically, you are now able to view, comment on, and +1 posts from inside your inbox itself, and your comments will not be laggy in any way – in fact, they will appear in the Google+ stream in real-time, while other subsequent responses will also appear instantly in Gmail as part of the notification message. This nifty little feature ought to roll out over the coming week for folks who have already made the upgrade to Google+. Will this bit help shift a handful of fence sitters over to Google’s side instead of Facebook? Only time will tell.

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