This July, we will have seen our fair share of Hollywood blockbusters, but apart from that, there is also the Insignia Narrator, which has been touted to be the first “talking” HD radio on the market. The Narrator will be bound for a Best Buy debut, and is also the first IAAIS-certified HD radio product, which sports an ergonomical design that caters for folks who are visually impaired, sporting audible voice prompts as well as a slew of niche programming to get one started right out of the box. If this description alone is enough to have captured your heart, then you can go ahead and place a pre-order for The Narrator on for just one dollar shy of a Benjamin.

The Narrator helps increase the personal sense of self-worth as well as capability since a visually impaired person is able to tune the radio, set the time, arrange pre-set favorites and even be certain that the radio is no longer turned on, all without the help of someone who has sight. This is made possible thanks to a clever implementation of audible voice prompts on buttons, in addition to an intuitively designed button layout and markings. Other features include a 20-program memory, making it easier to access your favorite stations, while a 3.5mm headphone jack ensures added convenience whenever you want to bring your listening private.

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