An interactive billboard in Euston Station, London allows passer-by’s to virtually do what needs to be done in reality. The billboard depicts a man yelling and gesturing at a woman who remains quiet. Beside that sordid picture is a prompt that tells people around to go to / and drag the abuser away from his victim using their phone.

The billboard which is the product of the National Center for Domestic Violence allows you to use your phone and literally drag the man away from the victim and in real time, he will be dragged through a few screens far away from his victim while leaving some marketing lines in his wake with a phone number at the end that victims of abuse can call. While the organization isn’t the first to come up with an interactive billboard such as this one, it is always good when technology is taken on for good causes like this. As you can see from the video embedded above this simple yet meaningful ‘advertisement’ is truly engaging.

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