While the iPad’s keyboard is pretty big, it is surprisingly not that fun to type on. While it might be great for firing off a quick message or email or performing a Google search, we’re sure that most iPad aficionados will agree that it will be hard to beat a physical keyboard especially when you’re trying to type out long articles. Keyboard cases for the iPad current exists but they can be pricey not to mention bulky, so what are we to do then? YouTube user danielchasehooper has managed to come up with an admittedly rather clever idea that incorporates the use of gestures into the on-screen keyboard.

Through the use of gestures, he has demonstrated that it will make editing text such as selecting and backspacing a much simpler task. iOS owners are no doubt painfully aware of how unintuitive it is to select text or to move to a specific text or alphabet with the current system, so we’re sure that this is a concept that many will appreciate. Unfortunately it’s merely a concept but danielchasehooper has included in his description a way for you to reach out to Apple to suggest this as a new feature. Be sure to check out the video above and let us know what you think!

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