Journey developer set to unveil a new game within the next monthIf you’re a fan of the PlayStation 3 game, Journey, you will most definitely be pleased to hear that the game’s developer, thatgamecompany, is set to unveil its next video game very soon. This was revealed in an interview with the studio’s co-founder, Jenova Chen conducted by the folks over at VG247. So what is the game that the studio is set to unveil? While the details aren’t known, the studio is currently negotiating with various partners and the announcement could be made as early as next month.

Considering that the company’s three-game deal with Sony is over, the studio is now free to release a multi-platform game, a move which we’re sure those on the Nintendo Wii or Microsoft’s Xbox 360 platform are looking forward to considering that games like Journey was pretty much a PlayStation 3 exclusive. I don’t know about you guys, but Journey was one heck of a unique gameplay experience and I am certainly looking forward to seeing what thatgamecompany has to offer in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

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