Software giant Microsoft has just rolled out the Kinect for Windows 1.5 update to the Kinect for Windows platform, where it will be accompanied by a totally new set of tools, in addition to upgrades that is hoped to kick start developer interest as well as activity in the project. What would be the highlight of Kinect for Windows 1.5? Surely most developers would find the Kinect Studio tool handy, where it enables developers to “record and play back Kinect data”, according to Microsoft, who also went on further to claim that this will “dramatically [shorten] and [simplify] the development lifecycle” of Kinect applications.

Apart from that, Kinect for Windows 1.5 will also come with a software development kit that can track faces, sport new sets of code examples, as well as SDK ‘documentation improvements.’ Seated users will not be left out in the new version of the code that targets improved skeletal tracking, so that could be a banana peel that you might want to look out for. Microsoft has made available Kinect for Windows in four new countries – Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan, although 15 additional countries will join these four from June onwards.

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