Apple’s Mac Pro series of desktop computers was last updated back in July of 2010 and it missed its expected refresh schedule back in 2011, making many wonder if Apple had forgotten about the Mac Pro lineup or if they were planning on dropping it entirely. While there are several rumors floating about concerning the future of the Mac Pro series of computers, it seems that Mac Pro owners have decided to take to Facebook to create a petition in which they are trying to see if they can pry any sort of information from the notoriously secretive Apple about the details and status about the Mac Pro.

They posted a pretty long letter (which can be found on their Facebook page) which basically described their situation and predicament in hopes that Apple reads it and hopefully responds accordingly. If you’re a Mac Pro user who feels like it’s about time that Apple update the lineup, head on over to its Facebook page to show your support! In the meantime, Apple’s WWDC is coming up next month where the MacBook lineup has been rumored to be unveiled along with iOS 6. While there have been no reports that a refreshed Mac Pro could be debuted at WWDC, we guess if Apple wanted to make an announcement, WWDC could be it. Either way be sure to check back with us then as we will keep you updated.

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