Now here is an interesting proposition – the transforming of everyday objects into a computer key. The idea came about and was implemented thanks to Makey Makey, which offers a simple circuit board that is capable of turning just about any compatible object into a computer key. Eric Rosenbaum, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said, “It works with anything that is a little bit electrically conductive. Things like food, Play-Doh and lots of different metallic or organic materials.”

When it is in its most simple and pure form, Makey Makey will plug into a computer via USB, allowing users to reassign the arrow keys, space bar and left mouse click to objects. The process is a piece of cake, really, as all that is required of you would be to connect one end of a wire to the circuit board thanks to a crocodile clip, while the other end will be hooked up to your new computer key. When you hold another wire which is attached to the board and having it touch your chosen object, it will complete the circuit, helping trigger the “button press”. There is no need to install pesky software in the process, while more advanced users are able to reassign other keys and mouse motions.

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