Are you experiencing issues when playing games on your Windows PC? The list of issues can be quite long. From online games that just would not launch, to games crashing on your PC, it’s a not-so-comfortable situation to be in. While the traditional solution to problems like these will be to check for fixes over the Internet, the new Microsoft Fix-It could be the best solution.

We have not tried it yet, but basically Microsoft Fix-It is supposed to diagnose and fix gaming related issues on your Windows PC. How? All you have to do is to run the software on your system. Fix-It will repair issues related to add-ons, video card drivers, and DirectX 9.0. Once the program starts, it will automatically diagnose problems and apply the necessary fixes.

But you can also choose the manual option to solve specific gaming issues. These issues could include problems with online games, graphics, Logitech controllers and or those times when your system is running slow. Just select the specific issue and click the “next” button. The rest, as they say, is history. You can download Microsoft Fit-It via the official Microsoft Support website. Simply download the web installer or the portable version to your PC to initiate the process.

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