Just like Apple’s Mac App Store, Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 is expected to get a Windows Store of its own as well. Now if you’re a developer looking to get a head start in developing for the upcoming platform, the good news is that developer evangelist, Matt Harrington, is offering developers a chance to get their foot in the door early. What developers will have to do is come up with an app that meets all of the app submission conditions and contact him via his blog. Assuming the criteria has been met, you should be able to get your app onto the Windows Store ahead of everyone else. To top it all off, those who manage to get their apps in early will also have a Microsoft engineer help them to make sure that their app has been extra polished that will hopefully give them a leg up on the competition.

So you’re not a developer, how does this affect you? Well with incentives like this, we’re sure that there are plenty of developers clamoring to make a name for themselves and with the added help of a Microsoft engineer, end-users should be able to expect high-quality apps once Windows 8 begins to roll out. Head on over to Matt Harrington’s blog for more info.

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