HIV is one of the modern viral menaces of the 20th century as well as the 21st, and plenty of people die from it each day after it has developed into full blown AIDS. Well, it is also estimated that AIDS related deaths make up for approximately 3.15% of all total deaths around the world (around 1.8 million deaths are AIDS related, while the world sees an average of 57 million folks kicking the bucket annually), so how do mobile phones and AIDS or HIV have anything to do with one another? Well, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently on an investigation to figure out just how mobile phone technology can be gainfully used to transform the delivery of health care services to AIDS patients residing in Africa.

A WHO backed study that was published in the agency’s Bulletin, claimed that the amount of time required to relay HIV test results to patients’ health facilities might see a dramatic reduction thanks to the clever use of mobile phone text messaging. Scientists claim that the turnaround times for delivering a diagnosis via SMS (Short Message Service) is nearly twice as fast, when compared to standard postal methods – hitting 26.7 days this time around. This will mean that with proper diagnosis, the right kind of treatment can be administered.

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